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More About Me and How I Can Help Your Business

My Background

The way I approach life is with a healthy portion of laughter, lots of coffee, hard work, ambition, and respect for everyone I meet and their dog. I'm happiest when I get to spend the day working in a coffee shop, traveling or cooking. I can't get enough of learning new things, so it's a good thing the world never runs out of things to teach.


I was born and raised in Switzerland and started off my career working as a Receptionist and was soon promoted to Assistant Front Office Manager at a Business Hotel while getting my degree in Business, Hospitality, and Tourism. So with my very first job I was already in the middle of caring for people, assisting them, giving them the best possible experience, and doing paperwork, data entry, and back-office work in between. 


After four years at the Hotel, I decided to move to London, UK where I got a job working in sales at a publishing house. This was one of the coolest jobs I have ever had and the one that made me decide I wanted to be a VA. 


I now live in Tampa, Florida with my husband and our four fur babies, working with clients from all over the world.

Why I am a Virtual Assistant and why you need one in your life!

Becoming a VA has been a thought I've had for a while. It was always my dream to work with ambitious people that are proud of their product and look to bring their business to the next level. 



Thanks to my sales job in London I got familiar with startups and young companies in general, following their journey to becoming a successful business. What prompted me to think more closely about becoming a VA was the fact that a lot of the small businesses I worked with were just so busy, so... worn out. They'd already pick up the phone sounding stressed and often struggled to meet given deadlines - even sending back a signed contract could take a few weeks.



Simple tasks, right? Easy tasks. But if you are a business owner yourself you probably know that it's 'just one of those things'. Something you know you have to do eventually but there are just a thousand more important things that need to get done right now, so it can wait... But your business partners all have one thing in common: they don't like to wait and may go find their business partner elsewhere. Or buy some other companies' products or services, that replied to their email immediately.


The world is fast-moving and there are a lot of demands. It's not possible for one person to meet all of those demands and still do a good job at what they deliver. Yes, they want to advertise in an in-flight magazine, of course, they do, but they don't have time for all the work that comes with it. It may not be an ad for you, but I'm sure that you have certain things that you just don't get to in your busy entrepreneur life! 



That's where your VA comes in. It is so important that you have the headspace to focus on growing your company, on networking and building, producing, inventing... But you can't just forget about the mundane tasks, someone needs to do those, too, as they are part of your business and part of the journey to the top.


Let me help you take some work off your shoulders and give you back the time you need for the things you truly enjoy doing.